Monocle magazine’s five parts: ABCDE

The magazine is divided in 5 parts:

Affairs – A global mix of reportage, essays and interviews with the forces shaping geopolitics. Section A’s lead stories are big, visual and smart. Told by the best writers and captured by fresh photographic talent, the Affairs section of the magazine will set an agenda in newsrooms around the world. Alongside big features there will also be smaller dispatches filed from our network of bureaux and stringers.

Business – Devoted to identifying opportunities and inspiring the reader. While keeping an eye on the big stories, Monocle is more concerned with reporting on Slovenia’s emerging wine business, on the runaway success of a certain South American airline and the rise of Valencia as a new creative hub. Where other titles seem solely interested in its billionaires and share prices, Monocle’s business coverage will champion the small and interesting as much as the massive and muscular.

Culture – With a tight group of opinionated columnists, reviewers and interviewers, it delivers the best in film, television, music, media and art.
The culture component of the magazine is dedicated to delivering all that’s new from all corners of the world. This section’s edit team will be committed to ensuring that reader’s dinner guests will always ask ‘where did that track come from?’ moreover, it will be about culture in the truest sense and not be a forum for covering played-out celebrities.

Design – Bypassing hype, design is dedicated to unearthing emerging and established talent. Driven by a group of international contributors, Monocle’s mandate is to cover fashion, industrial design and architecture from around the world and cover territory that other titles miss. For people in the industry, it will bring their world to life. For people who are interested in everything from automative design to retail architecture it will keep them ahead of the curve, their wardrobes well stocked and their buiders busy.

Edits – Bite-sized and thought provoking, Edits are vital life improvements curated in a fast-paced well-researched collection. A concise, opinionated narrative that covers all the essentials of daily life, the wine to buy, the best Korean massages, the emerging neighbourhoods to invest in and the books to take on holiday. In short it’s all about the buy and sell.