Skoda Simply Clever

If you like Skoda’s Simply Clever ideas but you don’t own a Skoda yourself, you might be able to get most of Skoda’s practical solutions on your car, regardless of the brand, for a handful of bucks. Just head on to and you’ll find most of Skoda’s practical ideas for your car. I’ve done it myself, on my Nissan car:

Ticket holder:skoda-clever-solutions-ticket-holder

Get them for 0.55€ on Aliexpress »

Headrest hook to hang bags:skoda-clever-solutions-headrest-hook

Get two of them for just 1.41€ on Aliexpress »

Backseat tray for the rear passengers:



Underseat drawer to store maps, books…skoda-clever-solutions-underseat-drawer

Boot hook to hang on bags:

Get four of these hooks for just 1.70€ on Aliexpress »