South Pole Allied Challenge

As you may find out by reading this blog, I am a huge fan of the Helly Hansen brand, for which I made one of my brand anatomies (see here the Helly Hansen brand anatomy).

On the other hand (and probably related), I am a big admirer of explorers such as the British well-knowns Ernest Shackleton and Robert Falcon Scott, but also of the not less known Norwegian saga (Fridtjof Nansen, Roald Amundsen and Thor Heyerdahl). Once I even made a small feature on this website called “A celebration of the spirit of Norwegian explorers“.

But, as a person of partial Cephalonian descent, I’ve got a special affinity towards Ioannis Fokas (better known as Juan de Fuca), the Greek seafarer who explored the strait between Vancouver Island (now part of British Columbia, Canada) and the Olympic Peninsula (northwestern Washington State, United States). This straits is now called Strait of Juan de Fuca.

Anyhow, with such an interest in this kind of things it is only natural that I would be touched by this video of the South Pole Allied Challenge, which is sponspored by Helly Hansen and whose inauguration was presided by Prince Harry last friday.

After watching the video , was inspired to design a fake mockup with a personal twist. Here’s how it looks like:

South Pole Allied Challenge

You can click here to download the full-size version of this South Pole Allied Challenge fanwork, in a size suitable as a wallpaper for your computer (full size is 1680x1050px)

Originally the South Pole Allied Challenge is participated by only 4 countries – UK, Australia, Canada and the United States. However, in this fake mockup I wanted to pay homage to two great Allied nations in WW2 which, as I mentioned above, have brought great explorers – Greece and Norway. Hence the final count is 6. Finally, I’ve added some other innovations like the slogan below and the signature.

Some may say that this wallpaper is similar to the one I made for the Napapijri brand

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